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논문 상세정보

스포츠 관광 리조트 개발방안

A development plan of sport tourism resort

한국여가레크리에이션학회지 v.32 no.2 , 2008년, pp.165 - 176  

The purpose of this study is to suggest some development plan for resort construction and to find the solution forlong-term expanding of sport tourism resort. in term of development concept, to eliminate overloaded and overlappedinvestment, and to develop unique and new type of plan which is different from other resorts, and identity - endowedso that consumer is stimulated, and to create distinctive brand value. Desirable resort should reflect locational merits,ensure the identities of local culture and society, and protect local environment. Regarding to main target, first, theresort which has various sport programs which correspond to the concepts of well-being and health, and contain theconcepts of treatment and rest, and second, family based resort which comprehends children, youths, and seniors canenjoy together should be developed. Regarding to the relationship between regional self governing administration, it isrequired that resort development should accept opinions from local residents, should suggest vision to them, andshould share the profits with them giving opportunities to use resort facilities and to do the profitable business in theresort or to work as employees.

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