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논문 상세정보

A Study on the Enterprise Portal Readiness Assessment

A Study on the Enterprise Portal Readiness Assessment

Entrue Journal of Information Technology v.2 no.2 , 2003년, pp.7 - 13  
김주미, 손승혜, 홍성완, 박기한

Until now, there is no research in the area of EnterprisePortal for Readiness Assessment. In this paper, we suggestEnterprise Portal(EP) Readiness Assessment Methodologyand develop Enterprise Portal Readiness Assessment toolthat is called EP Readiness Assessment Scorecard based onthe evolution model.EP Readiness Assessment Methodology starts fromconducting assessment of current EP. After finishingassessment, analyzing the assessment results follows. Basedon the analysis results, we identify and recommend EPopportunities to the customer.For the assessment, EP Readiness Assessment Scorecardshould be prepared in advance. This scorecard is composed ofa series of EP related statements that require response on ascale of 0 to 3 and fall into the 4 parts (EP strategy, function,infrastructure, metrics and measurement).After assessing current EP using EP Readiness AssessmentScorecard, we analyze customer’s assessment results andderive customer’s EP maturity level. Then customer willhave one of 3 EP maturity levels: aware, performing andleading. Finally, the EP Readiness AssessmentMethodology will end by giving general recommendationor guideline to the customer by its EP maturity.Through EP Readiness Assessment, we, the consultants, canget as-is EP and to-be image roughly in short time and thecustomer can save implementation cost and satisfy employee,which leads improving business efficiency, enhancing thequality of relationships and achieving the maximum businessvalue.But the EP Readiness Assessment Scorecard has noverification until now. But this can be fulfilled bysubstantial application results, which judge whether our EPReadiness Assessment Scorecard leads to the rightdirection or not to the customer. By doing this, we cansolidify our methodology and scorecard.

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