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논문 상세정보

언어와 계급 - 저항으로서 직설적 독서와 힘의 수사학

Literal Reading as Resistance: Language, Class, the Rhetoric of Power

수사학 no.1 , 2004년, pp.54 - 72  

This paper is an attempt to approach symptomatically de Man'stheory of "impossibility of reading" ("metaphorical truth paradigm) in terms of Freudian obsessive neurosis. Semiologically speaking, thesignifier for the obsessive neurotic is not anchored to the signifiedand is slided into another signifier, thus the reference being lost inthe endless process of signification, that is, reality being replaced bythe process of reflexive thinking, the real or the imaginary by thesymbolic. Then the question to be asked is how the signifier producesreality effect, how its signified is determined in a way to act uponthe reference pragmatically. This paper argues that the reference lostin the obsessive neurotic's discourse asserts itself again or reappearwhen the sign is read by the hysterics. The hysterics have a functionof determining meanings, and of mediating the gap between thesymbolic and the real, between the intellectuals and the world. Thehysterics justifies the obsessive reading, and the latter parasiticallydepends on the former for its existence. To put it another way,metaphorical truth paradigm is unsubstantial without literal truthparadigm. In Marxist terms, the former is surplus value produced bythe latter. While the obsessive reading revolves on the symbolicsignification, the hysterics, whose memories are engraved on andtransferred to their body, connect symbolic meaning to the real. Thehysterics represent literal truth paradigm, in that they read signs asthings. This paper ends with a suggestion that the intellectual's aswell as the bourgeoise's obsessive reading should be transformed intothe laborer's and the women's hysterical reading.

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