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논문 상세정보

신학교의 영적 지도

The spiritual guidance of seminary educators

가톨릭신학 no.8 , 2006년, pp.113 - 152  

This short essay explores, for a man dedicated to God(1 Tim 6:1), matters relating to the goals and spirituality imparted to prospective priests through the spiritual guidance of seminary educators. One can trace any “untrustworthiness” on the part of priests to the processes that formed them, and in particular to the spiritual guidance they received. The Holy See's Congregation for Catholic Education's studies “Modern Day Priest Formation” and “Directives Concerning the Preparation of Seminary Educators”(Congregation for Catholic Education of Seminaries and Institutes of Study, 1993.11.4) offered “spiritual preparation”(No 55) and “spiritual guidance”(No 61) as the main ways to ensure trustworthiness. This essay examines the purpose of spiritual guidance, arguing that God and His grace should be at the center of spiritual guidance, and pointing out five reasons why this doesn't seem to be the case in actual practice.We hear a lot about “problem priests” these days in spiritually impoverished parish communities. It is more important to rely totally on God than on human efforts. Priests should just entrust everything to God, and spend more time before the Host. A priest's life begins with the Eucharist from which he receives the spirituality that forms his holy virtues. Priests, full of holy virtues, can be trusted because the Holy Spirit is with them. Spiritual guidance should focus on the formation of such holy priests, who can bear whatever difficulties may come with the help of God.By looking back on my experience as a common formation director at the seminary, I can imagine the ideal spiritual assistant. I remember the difficulty in persuading people who were full of self-conviction but lacked the self-knowledge that God’s will could be different from their own. In common with other forms of human education, training priests is a kind of art. “Words” enter the hearts of young candidates, waiting there until they are accepted and can manifest themselves to the outside world. A spiritual assistant is a kind of simple-minded but excellent artist who never forgets his mission and calling. Although it was never easy, it was a joy to prove to seminarians that praying and celebrating the Eucharist together were the most important daily endeavors.Then, I will deal with issues arising from the functional relationship that exists between spiritual assistance and spiritual growth.

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