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논문 상세정보

개인생애사를 통한 도시민속학의 접근 방법의 모색-용산 지역 6인의 생애사를 통한 접근

A Study of the Approaches to Civil Folklore through Individual Life Histories

실천민속학 연구 v.9 , 2007년, pp.51 - 84  

The existing folklore of Korea focuses on farm villages which have effectively handed down traditions. This is because they have has not changed quickly and there is no difference in thought no matter which any resident of the village we interview. Therefore, the existing folklore has had a tendency to ignore the people who are the center of the transmission. Korea is fast becoming urbanized, so a new study of the civil folklore is needed. However, it has not been studied properly. In contrast to the farm village, the folklore of any given town is changing every minute, and there is a great deal of difference in recognition of the folklore according to the individuals in the farm. Considering this, this paper has tried to point out the possible approaches to civil folklore through the individual life stories of six people who are living in the Yongsan area. To understand the civil folklore, we have considered the space of the investigation area, the change of occupations, the subjects to be investigated, their individual experiences and their own memories. Consequently, civil folklore should be a compilation of individual life stories.

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