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논문 상세정보

1950년대 김수영 시의 국가/개인 문제와 시민성

Nation/Individual Problem and Citizenship in Poems of Kim, Soo-young during 1950s

우리말글 v.43 , 2008년, pp.187 - 211  

In the process of nation-state systematization fully progressed after the Korean War, literary circles of those days had been either captured by nation-state ideology or brought forth amorphous individual as the subject of the times must like youth modernists. For Kim, Sooyoung, however, he recognized relationship of the nation/individual as one's internal contradiction, and showed unique linguistic phenomenon by trying instead to convert that contradiction into momentum for poetic action. Thus, exploring mobility of life that occurs between nation and individual was equivalent to exploring the core of poems of Kim, Sooyoung who always explored realistic shearing forces.On the other hand, Kim, Sooyoung recognizes horizontal existence of both nation and individual. For this, Kim, Sooyoung begins to convert impetuous internal contradictions of life that surround the nation and the individual into poetic action and linguistic tension. This is possible by continuously disclosing mobility of life towards individual's free existence and democratic nation through poetic subject's practical actions and recognition. Kim, Sooyoung doesn't realize that mobility by confrontation based on distinctive scheme but by continuous precaution against imperialism that entered into daily life. That, in turn, was a unique linguistic action which forms subject of the times by disclosing one's internal falsehood and looking at oneself with disdain and sardonic view.

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