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논문 상세정보

일본 「세계사」 교과서의 전근대 한국관련 서술 분석 —2007년도 검정본을 중심으로

An Analysis of the World History Textbook authorized by Japanese Ministry of Education and Science in 2007

한일관계사연구 no.30 , 2008년, pp.385 - 450  

This paper analyzes the description of Korean history of pre-modern age in five Japanese world history textbooks authorized by Japanese Ministry of Education and Science(日本文部科學省) in 2007. In those textbooks, the autonomy of Korean history is ignored, and the description of Korean history is neither sufficient nor accurate.Whenever new history textbooks were published in Japan, Korean scholars pointed out false or distorted accounts about Korean history in those textbooks. But the image of Korean history in world history textbooks of Japan has not changed since the 1960s. What accounts for this? This is related with the history curriculum of Japan. In Japanese textbook authorization system, authors of world history textbooks have to write according to ‘Course of Study(學習指導要領)’. Therefore the description of Korean history in the present ‘Course of Study for High School: Geography and History(高等學校學習指導要領, 地理歷史編)’ and it’s ‘Teaching Guide(解說書)’(reformed in 1999) need to be scrutinized.According to present ‘Course of Study’ and it’s ‘Traching Guide’, the pre-modern history of East Asian world in world history subject is framed from the Sino-centered view. In the pre-modern East Asian world the hisory of Chinese empire and it’s investiture-tribute system are depicted as taking center stage, while Korea and Japan as periphery. The textbook of jitkyo shupan(實敎出判) is the extreme case of such viewpoint. To improve the description of Korean history in Japanese historical textbooks, attention should be paid to curriculum, ‘Course of Study’ and it’s ‘Teaching Guide’ which restrain the description of textbooks.

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