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논문 상세정보

기독교인의 자살과 그 대책 - 목회상담의 관점에서

Christian's suicide and preventive measure -from the viewpoint of pastoral counseling-

신학과 실천 no.16 , 2008년, pp.63 - 98  

This article shows the causes of young Christian's suicide and preventive measures to it from the viewpoint of pastoral counseling. Young boys and girls may commit suicide accidently. So they are vulnerable to the danger of suicide. All Christians may commit suicide in critic moments. In the changing social situations, the problem of adaptation may evoke frustration or be the means of the final solution to even believers. In this view, enervation of belief due to depression is an important issue in pastoral care. We can't assert stubbornly that the only key to any kinds of problems is to believe because depression may overwhelm belief. Facilitating Christian's spiritual wellbeing, strengthening the meaning of life, emphasizing God's calling to himself or herself and experiential religious life would be necessary. Especially, experiential faith can vitalizes life and helps overcome crisis.

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