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논문 상세정보

Wavelet Interpolation 방법에 의한 한국청소년의 신장발육 경향변화에 관한 검증 -MPV연령의 경향변화 분석

Confirmation Regarding Secular Trend of Height Growth in Korean School Students by Wavelet Interpolation Method -Analysis from Secular Trend of Age at MPV -

한국발육발달학회지 v.16 no.4 , 2008년, pp.233 - 237  
井勝紀, 김설향, 노호성

The height cross-sectional growth data of children 7 years-old (first year of primary school) to 18 years-old (third year of high school) are analyzed using the results of a survey examining annual height growth, which is published every three years since 1989 in a National Survey of Physical Strength conducted by the South Korean Sports Science Research Institute. Although the annual change in physical strength and physique are officially announced in South Korea, no report examining these annual changes has yet been published. The predominate analytic method used to date has been the growth distance curve, while velocity curve analysis is used to analyze the differential value of annual growth; although large-scale, these cannot be guaranteed to be objective methods of corroborating early physical maturation. At this juncture, the wavelet interpolation method advocated by Fujii (2006) can be applied, first, to specify the age at maximum peak velocity (MPV) during adolescence from the description of the height growth velocity curve, and verify the early physical maturation of South Korean youth from the annual change in the age MPV of height. In verifying the height growth of South Korean youth using the wavelet interpolation method in the present study, the early maturation and change in growth pattern indicated by the younger age of MPV is thought to be objective evidence of the influence of the high degree of socioeconomic growth on morphological development in South Korea. However, the era of high economic growth in South Korea is already be ending, and with it the current period of enhanced growth may be ending also. Therefore, the annual change of increasing height among male and female youths is unlikely to resultina slow do wnin grow thsimilar to the Japanese.

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