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논문 상세정보

60세 이상 여성요실금 환자에서의 TOT 술식의 성적

Outcomes of the Transobturator Tape Procedure for Elderly Women above 60 Years Old with Stress Urinary Incontinence

International Neurourology Journal v.12 no.2 , 2008년, pp.139 - 144  
신동길, 전태경, 이정주

Puropose: This study was aimed at evaluating the clinical efficacy, satisfaction and complicationof patients with transobturator tape (TOT) operation for the elderly women suffering with stressurinary incontinence (SUI).Material and methods: 58 women with stress urinary incontinence who underwent TOT procedurebetween March 2004 and June 2006 were included in this study. To assess whether outcomewas influenced by the patient's age, the patients were divided into two age groups: womenaged 60 years and older (n=22) and women aged less than 60 years (n=36). Preoperatively, the patientswere evaluated with history taking, a physical examination, a one-hour pad test, uroflowmetryand urodynamic study. The procedure was carried out using a previously established method underlocal anesthesia. The post-operative symptoms and patient satisfaction were assessed by questionnaire.Results: There was no significant difference between the 2 groups in terms of the success rate: cure(71.4% vs. 78.2%, p=0.746), improved (19.1% vs. 9.3%, p=0.415), and same as preoperation (9.5% vs.12.5%, p=1.000) for above 60 years old women and less than 60 years old women, respectively. Inaddition, the patient satisfaction rate was not different significantly between 2 groups. De novourge symptoms were observed in 2 women aged 60 years and older. The intraoperative complicationswere not found.Conclusions: TOT procedure in elderly women with SUI offers high success rate and satisfactionfor operation. TOT should play a significant role in treating them, due to its safety and availability.However, we do not know how long the improvement of voiding symptoms will last, andso additional longer term follow-up should be done. (J Korean Continence Soc 2008;12:139-44)

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