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논문 상세정보

탈관념의 시쓰기와 몸의 현상학 - 김기택의 시세계

The writing method of non-conceptional and phenomenology of body — In Kim Gi-Taek's poetry —

어문연구 v.58 , 2008년, pp.509 - 533   http://dx.doi.org/10.17297/rsll.2008.58..021

This paper aims at analyze Kim Gi-Taek′s poetry. In this paper I attempt to discuss the body-discourse represented in Kim Gi-Taek′s poetry. He pursues an elaborate dynamic imagination, a delicate observation and a careful expression. Kim Gi-Taek receives all living-things and phenomeon from the recursion structure base on an organic view of world. Kim Gi-Taek′s writings don't present a existing concepts of human which is captured with a deal, notion, moral. His poetry make up nature features and original figures of human in realities of life. So it enhance the value of human's primarial existence and it makes free that human's natural instinct. The new prescription of human beings that shows metaphysical concepts transfer phisics images, concepts crash realities of existence. His insight about world doesn't stay viable phenomenon and spreads out internal structure and abyss. The body discourse, incorporated in the clear phenomeonology body, is the contrasting world represented by all most his text. Kim Gi-Taek elastically construct the vital world by his insight, images, and mutual interaction.

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