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논문 상세정보

러시아 구축주의 미술작품과 조각을 모티브로 한 컨슈머 헤어 작품 연구

Consumer Hair Style Research Motivated by Russia ConstructivismPaintings and Sculptures

한국미용학회지 v.14 no.4 , 2008년, pp.1547 - 1561  

Creative hair styling involves making a new hair style after interpreting an existing hair style in a personal manner, which needs to contain its own structure, image and meaning.Constructivism is a movement that took place in Russia from 1910 to 1920. One of its main characteristics is that the ideas of artists are expressed by using simple figures of diagrams. Although simplicity was emphasised in the constructivist arts, the spatial orientation and geometrical figures were outstanding.In this study, constructivist artists and their art have been analysed in order to find out the fundamental use of space, line and side. Subsequently, four consumer hair styles were created. The main aim was to create three dimensional hair styles by applying the constructivist use of space, line and side. A special attention was put on expressing the beauty of repetition of lines and sides, and arising geometrical beauty and spaciousness. It is hoped that this study and the consumer hair styles can offer a baseline of the formative arts in the consumer hair styling. More studies about the art trend could be made to elaborate more various and creative hair styles.

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