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논문 상세정보

의약분업정책이 건강보험료와 가계경제에 미치는 영향과 개선방안에 관한 연구

Study the Method of Improvement and Effect of Health Insurance and Domestic Economy about Separation of Dispensary from Medical Practice

국제정치연구 v.11 no.2 , 2008년, pp.87 - 104  

The basic goal of separation of dispensary from medical practice is so called "medical examination and prescription to doctors, and medicine preparation to pharmacists" and it is to allot the work and reposition the function of doctors and pharmacists to improve the health medical service and therefore reduce the expenses of the people and reorganize Korea's overall health medical system and fuel the progression to a welfare state. In other words the goal of separation of dispensary from medical practice was to minimize the social cost following it by preventing misuse or abuse of medical supplies, reducing the use of antibiotics and drug accidents, improving service from separation, extending a patient's right to know, early diagnosis of a disease and continuous management of a chronic patient, development of pharmacy and improvement of medical supplies distribution system, improving quality of service, diminution of the patient's inconvenience and one's share, reducing costs from moving between medical facilities and pharmacies, etc. However with the many change of regime, one's expense of health insurance is increasing every day and the bad influence on the nation's economy is accumulating so that there is somewhat a distance from the original goal. Therefore in this article we will study the methods of improvement by comparing the before/after situation of the separation, analyzing the process of change and considering the effect of raise of the cost of health insurance.

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