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논문 상세정보

The Use of Private Writing in Written English Narratives

The Use of Private Writing in Written English Narratives

영어영문학 v.54 no.6 , 2008년, pp.1051 - 1070   http://dx.doi.org/10.15794/jell.2008.54.6.014

This study analyzes the linguistic features of private writing produced bycollege students of English as a foreign language, following Vygotsky’sclaim that higher psychological functions are mediated by language. In thiscontext, this study seeks to discover the way in which EFL studentsapproach the task of narrative writing in light of the potential difficulties.Accordingly, this study adopts a functional analysis of linguistic data, inwhich linguistic features of private writing are analyzed in their regulatoryfunctions in written English narratives. The subjects were all undergraduatestudents attending at Korea University. Each student was asked to writea story about a sequence of eight pictures, which was adopted from CanYou Believe It? by Huizenga and Huizenga. Following Frawley andLantolf’s classification scheme, this study analyzes two linguistic featuresof private writing produced by the EFL students: macrostructure and reference.The analysis of private writing forms reveals that the EFL students producedabundant examples of private writing in written narratives. Many ofthe private writing features observed in previous studies, such as the externalizationof the macrostructure and ambiguous reference were present inwritten narratives. In addition, the EFL students, in their use of explicitmacrostructural devices and pronominalization, manifest discourse behaviorsimilar to that of native children of English observed in the research ofFrawley and Lantolf. The similarities in EFL students and native childrenhave a functional explanation in that the adult non-native speakers revertsto native speaking child-like knowing strategies to control the situation andgain self-regulation in difficult knowing situations. This can be explainedby “the principle of continuous access,” which maintains that adults areable to re-access previous regulating strategies in other domains whereself-regulation can not be achieved (Frawley & Lantolf 22). In this light,the presence of odd forms even in native discourse allows us to understandthat not all errors found in non-native discourse are result of low proficiencyor inadequate mastery of story grammar of English. On the other hand,the peculiarities of second language discourse such as odd pronominalizationand ambiguous reference can be understood as functional for the EFLstudents.

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