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논문 상세정보

만해시에 대한 언어학적 분석 -[님의 침묵]을 중심으로

문법 교육 v.7 , 2007년, pp.229 - 257  

This study starts from finding out the common part between literature and linguistics in the object of study. What could be the common part between literature and linguistics is the outstanding linguistic trait used in the language of daily life and the different literatures. the outstanding linguistic trait found in Manhae's verse is sentence terminals, metaphors, persons, reduplications, and colors. To verify them is to verify the meaning structures and traits of Manhae's verses.The sentence terminal of Manhae's verse appears as an affirmative form, a suggestion form, an interrogative form, and imperative form in order and the affirmative form appears most frequently. The honorific forms appear very frequently in Manhae's verse. The reason is because Manhae himself are expressing “You” in his verse as the subject who he likes and admires most. The reduplications in Manhae's verse mostly consist of “Ah Ah Ah”. These mean surprise and wonder about something. In using the persons concluding the degree of understanding between speakers and hearers, first and second person are mainly used. And with appearing frequently of the word “You” in Manhae's verse, the relation between the speaker and the hearer is predicted. In Manhae's verse, a special thing is given golden color, which is not found in others' verses, and it is recognized as a valuable and important thing.

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