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논문 상세정보

한국의 식도락 관광 진흥 방안 연구

A Reasearch onpromotion of Culinary Tourism in Korea

관광경영연구 v.12 no.4 , 2008년, pp.21 - 44  

Culinary tourism, defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable culinaryexperiences of all kinds while traveling, is emerging as an important component ofthe rapidly growing cultural tourism market. Although food has been strongly linkedto tourism in European and Asian destinations for years, Culinary tourism is arelatively new phenomenon in Korea. According to 2007 Visiting Korea tourismmarket survey and International visitor survey, 'Culinary tourism in Korea' has a greatpotential and needs more attention and effort to develop. This research tried tounderstand the meaning and importance of culinary tourism and get some implicationsfrom exemplary models for culinary tourism through 100 foreign web sites. And itreviewed the current situation of culinary tourism in Korea, through interviews with20 inbound travel companies, 2007-2008 Best Korea travel program and 100 Japaneseweb sites found under the search word of "Korean tourism". To promote Culinarytourism in Korea, culinary tourism travel program encompassing various components ofculinary tourism, effective internet marketing for culinary tourism, establishment ofrestaurant accrediting system and authoritative evaluation system, globalization ofKorean food, development of various culinary tourism resources, and efforts ofindividual restaurants attracting culinary tourists are needed and should be harmonized

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