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논문 상세정보


Huaman nature a connotation of respect of virtue

철학논집 v.15 , 2008년, pp.5 - 24   http://dx.doi.org/10.17325/sgjp.2008.15..5

Early in the western zhou dynasties(西周xizhou),Be confronted with yin,zhou(殷周) dynasties(殷商 yinshang) to take turns, the ruler cause unrest arose as to thought of mandate of heaven(天命 tianming), thought of moving vital force(鬼神 guishen). They to maintain them selves rule, kick the old habits depend upon mandate of heaven for help, as to govern a country, bring into relief. In addition, raise a thought of “敬德保民(jingdebaomin)”,“以德配天(yidepeitian)” political philosophy.zhou dynasties ruler take for granted, the fall of shang dynasties, a descendent of shang dynasties, without cultivation a virtue, and without leaving a virtue, ultimately, on account of cannot go with mandate of heaven. For this reason, zhou dynasties ruler take for granted ,moreover, thanks to respect a virtue become a partake mandate of heaven, “上天(shangtian)”(the supreme heaven)change the elder and transmit to zhou dynasties.Thought of mandate of heaven, someone a statesman raise, from day to day, stand out relief to importance , as a matter of fact. At that time, in have an argument mandate of heaven and way of man.This way of man be rated not that to moving vital force but there is some to moral character(德性 dexing),a mankind in method of ethics. This concretize with moral character and virtuous conduct(德行 dexing), moreover, adopt moral character and virtuous conduct, dispose of do one’s best ,eventually, it has signify to can arrive at the ideal a stage. This mandate of heaven have “respect a virtue(敬德 jingde) and with virtue become a partake to heaven(以德配天 yidepeitian), in inhere meaning and also contain to “rules over the people”(保民 baomin) external take a step. This let see that zhou dynasties mankind of heaven a new meaning.

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