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논문 상세정보

고정희 시에 나타난 타자성 연구

A Study of Otherness in Jeong-Hee Ko's Poems

한민족문화연구 no.28 , 2009년, pp.169 - 196   http://dx.doi.org/10.17329/kcbook.2009..28.006

Jeong-Hee Ko was a political poet, an activist for women's liberation movement and journalist in 1980's, when woman's literature has begun to flourish in Korea. As a poet for women's liberation movement, she pioneered in the area of gender conflicts and equality and sustained objectiveness in her poems. This analyzed the objectiveness in her feministic poems and her efforts to overcome gender conflicts. Two of her works were analyzed: "Pyong-Deung-Up-Neun Neo-Hee Jip-I Hyoong-Ga-Ga Doe-Ri-Ra (Your house without equality will perish)"and "Yoe-Ja Hae-Bang Yum-Won Ban-Man-Nyun (Half millennia hoping for women's liberation)"Ko regarded women's issues as problems of the 'others' and posed women as symbolic entity that is alienated from the society. Also women were viewed as positive entity that can overcome the negative aspect of patriarchy. By embracing the male-dominant patriarchal system and even the males that alienated females, she found her way to overcome it in maternal affection. This way, she succeeded in active deployments of her life, challenging social inconsistency for alienating women. In this sense, even though Ko was an early feministic poet, she differs from the others for her distinctive viewpoint to women to save human and restoration of humanity.

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