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논문 상세정보

2007년 개정 역사 교육과정의 교재관과 교과서 개발

A Study on the View about Teaching Material of the 2007 Reformed History Curriculum and Textbook Development

역사교육논집 no.42 , 2009년, pp.187 - 216  

In this study, I tried to shape characteristic of teaching materials for history, 2007 reformed curriculum demands. In development history text books founded on the 7th curriculum, it happened to bring historical material and inquiry activity into play very important roll as ever. It was nearly epoch-making event, because new and deepened questions about role of text book in history classroom would come on; not as being a basic guidance material but how to guide teachers and students for good history class; not only emphasizing to use historical material in principle, but also questioning how to use in various situation; which is more fundamental function 'text to read for getting important knowledges' and 'source book for student-centered inquiry'?In this context, 2007 reformed curriculum 'history' is provided with meaningful clues for good history textbook's virtues which would be followed home and embodied into 'new actual text book'. As a result of strengthened independency that 'history acquired under difficulties, the document says the meaning of history education, method and measure in history teaching it's own course. In these statements, we should find and get into shape cautiously the 'features and virtues' of teaching materials that curriculum demands between the lines but strongly including textbook. History textbook must be developed and composed as to the theory of knowledge in history, and new curriculum defines 'history' as 'subject for thinking'. For this, curriculum require as follows. First, dimensional and dynamical teaching materials is the very points of new change. Second, teaching materials support self-examination of history class in various ways. Third, enough consideration for student's views and needs is essential. Especially, text book, as influential as ever, it would be desirable to have 'narrative' closely associated with the main(principal) subject of contents of course work. To encourage historical self-examination, inquiry activity separated from the body text should keep away from it. Instead, the body text, data and inquiry activity be composed of the connected one for self-examination.

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