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논문 상세정보

IPS 도시경쟁력 평가 모델과 한국 도시의 경쟁력 평가 결과, 그리고 춘천시의 경쟁력 향상 전략

Application of IPS model of city competitiveness to Korean cities, and strategies to enhance Chuncheon city’s competitiveness

여가학연구 v.6 no.3 , 2009년, pp.39 - 56  
조동성, 임민영

With the main player of international competition being changed from country to region/city, city competitiveness is emerging as driving forces of industrial and national competitiveness and organizations formed on a city level are regarded as the main unit of competition among nations. This paper's goal is to research upon the city competitiveness with an emphasis on the analytical tool applying IPS Model of city competitiveness to 75 Korean cities and to map out the strategies to enhance the Chuncheon city's competitiveness based on the results of the evaluation on Chuncheon city's current and future competitiveness with focus on the impact of the city's hosting World Leisure Congress and World Leisure Games in 2010. By discussing city's future competitiveness as well as its current strength at the same time, the more comprehensive perspective required in reinforcing city competitiveness is proposed in this paper and issues related to a city's context and policy can be evaluated and their solutions can be sought after. The study can also contribute to the establishment of city's development policies and detect sustainable growth power for individual cities.

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