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논문 상세정보

『소시민』 연구-공간과 사회경제문화제도의 연속성을 중심으로

A Study in “A Petit Bourgeois” - The Space and the Continuity of the Social-Economic-Cultural System as the Central Studies -

한국학연구 no.19 , 2008년, pp.25 - 48  

“A Petit Bourgeois” is a full-length novel, showing us social-economiccultural features revealed in the diverse places in Busan. So this paper reads Busan as the city marked with the opening of a port, the colonized city, and the temporary capital in continuity. As Busan, a harbor city as well as a passage for invading the continent during the colonial period, hasbeen one of the objects since the New Novel, we can find various spaces in “A Petit Bourgeois” in connection with the history of the novel.Though Japan had developed the west side of Busan as a modern city, the place in “A Petit Bourgeois” does not deviate from the pier area, the central part of Busan, which had been formed after Wakan. Including Daechung-dong, the roads that the main character(I) in this novel walks around show the spatial continuity of Busan. We can also find that the transportation facilities such as pier and railway and the industrial facilities such as Chosun Textile Manufacturing in Bumildong constructed by Japan were the backbone structure ofthe temporary capital city during the Korean War. Especially, Kukjae Market(Jayoo Market), a space to make a new economic-rising class in the novel, was started from the place neighboring the Boopyungdong Market. So we can regard this feature as another continuity aspect of the development in Busan.Busan has induced and absorbed the modern system and culture aimed for the Japanese living in Korea. We can find these features in the streetcars, water service facilities, medical facilities, and theaters in this novel, and further more, can compare the past with the present. This novel also reveals the American culture through describing the characters such as Mary and Chunan Saecci(a maiden from Chunan). This novel depicts their hybridity and disharmony in the wedding ceremony for Uncle Kwangsuk in Kukjae Market. Especially Kim's speedy life such as riding a new streetcar from the USA implies the symbolic speed heading for the humble capitalism. Busan, built as a harbor city by Japanese, is reorganized and representedas the temporary capital city in “A Petit Bourgeois”.

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