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논문 상세정보

Distribution of Microorganisms Isolated from Cellular Phones

Distribution of Microorganisms Isolated from Cellular Phones

대한의생명과학회지 v.14 no.4 , 2008년, pp.257 - 261  
Su Jung Kim, Ga Hyun Kim, Eun Kyung Shin, Ji Hyun Bae, Yu Ri Jeon

Cellular phones are the most used electronic device everyday in modern life and are always in contact with our hands.Although many studies have revealed microorganisms living on our hands, there are only a few reports on the researchabout products or places which are in contact with our hands. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to verifymicroorganisms living in cellular phones. Microorganisms were scraped from cellular phones of students and professorsfrom the clinical laboratory science department in Daegu Health College, and cultured at Brain Heart Infusion agar andMacConkey agar following API kit to identify them. The average colony number was 1.5×102 on BHI agar and 4.0×10on MacConkey agar. There was no difference according to gender. In Gram stain result, Gram(+) Cocci showed thehighest frequency. Also in BHI agar plates, Micrococcus spp and Acinetobacter baumannii identified with high frequency.Moreover, S. aureus, which is very well known as strong food poisoning bacteria, was isolated. Klebsiella pneumoniassp pneumonia was isolated with the highest frequency from the MacConkey agar or S-S agar plate. From these resultsshow, there are as many different microorganisms from cellular phones as from our hands. This is the first report isolatingstrong food poisoning bacteria in cellular phones. Since infection in hospitals have been an important issue to be awareof, it is equally necessary to investigate cell phones and products which hospital workers touch with their hands.

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