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논문 상세정보

기업 사이버교육에서 학습자의 만족도, 학업 성취도 및 학습전이 간의 관계 규명

Relationships among Learners' Satisfaction, Academic Achievement and Learning Transfer in the Corporate Cyber Education

교육정보미디어연구 v.15 no.1 , 2009년, pp.23 - 43  
주영주, 김소나, 박수영, 김은경

As the development of technology, traditional corporate education which had the burden of job blank has moved to cyber education. But, there are growing misgivings which the cyber education has not only efficiency but also effectiveness. While there could be various factors related to the effectiveness of cyber education, learners' satisfaction, academic achievement and learning transfer are regarded as key factors. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the relationships among learners' satisfaction, academic achievement and learning transfer in the corporate cyber education. This study is to provide the fundamental resource which is utilized for the strategy of design, development and conducting in corporate cyber education. In this study, 202 students who completed S corporate's cyber courses in 2007 and responded to all surveys were participated. A hypothetical model was proposed, which was composed of learners' satisfaction factor as prediction variable, and learning transfer as well as academic achievement factors as outcome variables. The results of this study through regression analysis as follows. First, learners' satisfaction predict learners' academic achievement significantly. Second, learners' satisfaction also predict learners' learning transfer significantly. Third, learners' academic achievement do not plays a role as mediating value in predicting learning transfer by learners' satisfaction, but learners' academic predict learners' learning transfer significantly. Based on this results, the implication on learning design and implementation for the improvement of learning outcome is suggested in two aspects; learning transfer and academic achievement. This is to be theoretical foundation supports for the quality growth of corporate cyber education.

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