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논문 상세정보

한영숙춤에 내재된 미적 특질

The Aesthetic Features and Historical Value of Han, Yeong-suk's Dance

움직임의 철학 : 한국체육철학회지 v.17 no.1 , 2009년, pp.295 - 307  
황경숙, 배성한

Korean traditional dance has its own “form,” which can be presented differently according to the time, and the dancer. Dance considered to have inherited tradition refers to not the one that faithfully follow the form and movements of traditional dance but the one that newly interpreted traditional dance. Therefore, this study aimed at seeking appropriate ways to inherit Korean traditional dance by examining aesthetic features and values of dances of Han, Yeong-suk who devoted her entire life to the proper inheritance and development of Korean traditional dance. The aesthetic features found in Han, Yeong-suk's various dance works are categorized as follow. 1. The beauty of moderation and the beauty of nature 2. grace and elegance 3. abstinence and blandness 4. creativity 5. universality and dance movement called Dapjijeoang With regard to the historical value of Ms. Han's dance, the following conclusions were made. First, Ms. Han's dance which includes both artistic and educational aspects played a significant role in inheriting and developing Korean traditional culture. Second, Han, Yeong-suk, the master of dance and human cultural asset, is widely known as the master of Seungmu, intangible cultural properties No. 27, and Salpurichum, intangible cultural properties No. 40. She has made so many contributions to the development of Korean traditional dance that it is impossible to talk about Korean dance without mentioning her. Third, her dance which is deeply rooted in Korean traditional dance has become a barometer of the past, present and even future, and increasingly valued as tradition has been amended and developed according to the times. Fourth, Han, Yeong-suk analyzed and researched various works she had inherited from Han, Seong-jun and then rechoreographed them into more artistically advanced works.

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