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논문 상세정보

일제시기 지역사회에서 전통적 권위질서의 지속과 변용 ―전남 장흥군 鄕校 校任 분석을 중심으로

Continuation and the change of the traditional authority order in local communities during the Japanese occupation period ―Examination of the Hyanggyo/鄕校’s Gyoim/校任 figures in the Jeon-Nam province, Jangheung󰡈gun area―

역사문제연구 v.13 no.1 , 2009년, pp.251 - 293  

In this article, it is pursued to examine the traditional order of authority, which could not be examined in terms of the central stage of the country or from a bird-eye view of the entire peninsula, but was operating upon the ordinary level of the people’s lives nonetheless. And in order to do so, the Hyanggyo’s Gyoim figures inside the Jeon-Nam province, Jangheung-gun area are examined in this article. In the Jangheung area, during the latter half period of Joseon, there was a hierarchy structure existent, with formidable houses at the center. In terms of the operation of the Jangheung Hyanggyo, such traditional authority order started to fluctuate since mid-19th century. Yet, coming into the Japanese occupation period, such authority order seemingly continued to reinforce itself. Interestingly, the trend of a certain party’s monopolization of the Gyoim seats inside Jangheung Hyanggyo was never the case of traditional local influentials seizing all the seats inside the Hyanggyo to reinforce their own power base. Those local influentials tried to elevate their influences and symbolic authority, yet they also recruited and invited people who had only been at the verge of the traditional center stage earlier. During the Japanese occupation period, Jangheung Hyanggyo was shut out of the modern administrative system, and was never able to put up a fight against the control of the Japanese Joseon Governor General office. Yet it should be noted that traditional influentials autonomously developed a network, raised their traditional authority in the eyes of local residents, and provided an organized, a symbolic platform for some people to participate in the real life arena of political power. In that regard, one could say that the traditional authority order got to be modified and used differently, instead of being weakened or dissolved, and continued to exist and operate in local communities.

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