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논문 상세정보

저작권 보호와 이용활성화를 위한 저작권 집중관리 시스템

Collective Management System of Copyrights and Neighboring Right for Protection of the Right of Authors and More Use of Works

정보법학 v.13 no.1 , 2009년, pp.107 - 145  

This article deals with the collective management system of copyrights and neighboring right for protection of the right of authors and more use of works. The collective management, under current Korea Copyright Act stipulating copyright commission management service system, has not developed as an efficient system governing protection of authors’ right and more works’ use. This is mainly due to lack of relevant legal system and crippled operation. In this situation, this paper will review and propose for reorganization of the collective management system of copyrights and neighboring right.The copyright collective management of copyrights and neighboring rights means the system allowing authors’ separate copyrights to be collectively exercised and managed through one basket. Hence, owners of the right will be able to create their profit reasonably though the collective societies, and users are likely to use works at a reasonable price.However, Korea Copyright Act separates Copyright Commission Management Service as copyright trust service providers and copyright brokerage services providers, and does not provide any guideline to solve abuse of monopolized power resulting from convergence of the collective society’s power. It also fails both protecting author’s property and keeping collective management more efficiently.In response of these problems, the ‘Copyright Management Act of Copyrights and Neighboring Right’, governing the copyright management, needs to be enacted. The Act should include systemic and reasonable contents for protection of the right of authors and more use of works. That would be an alternative for realizing the purpose of Copyright Act,the improvement and development of culture. This paper, accordingly, will end with some comments regarding the recent proposed bill.

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