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논문 상세정보

『숲』에 나타난 화합의 이미지

The Image of Unity in The Woods

현대영미어문학 v.27 no.2 , 2009년, pp.121 - 135  

David Mamet's plays are about relationships. His plays present a very negative vision of American society. Almost all the characters in his plays deceive, betray, manipulate, and control each other in one way or another. But the purpose of this study attempts to investigate the possibility of unity in his major play - The Woods. This play is a play about intimacy and connection. Through Ruth, story-telling becomes the primary medium through which the couple communicate their fears and desires. The tales that Ruth and Nick share heal rather than harm. They are stories designed to promote intimacy and commitment. Their relationship is collapsing and Ruth tries to hold it together with a nervous flow of words. She looks for permanency and continuity. Finally Nick confesses to being confused by his own need for a companionship which goes beyond mere physicality. Throughout this play, Mamet desires to encourage us to practice morals such as forgiveness and reconciliation.

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