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논문 상세정보

Analysis of Delay Distribution and Rate Control over Burst-Error Wireless Channels

Analysis of Delay Distribution and Rate Control over Burst-Error Wireless Channels

한국통신학회논문지 v.34 no.5 , 2009년, pp.355 - 362  
이준구, 이상훈, 이형극

In real-time communication services, delay constraints are among the most important QoS (Quality of Service) factors. In particular, it is difficult to guarantee the delay requirement over wireless channels, since they exhibit dynamic time-varying behavior and even severe burst-errors during periods of deep fading. Channel throughput may be increased, but at the cost of the additional delays when ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) schemes are used. For real-time communication services, it is very essential to predict data deliverability. This paper derives the delay distribution and the successful delivery probability within a given delay budget using a priori channel model and a posteriori information from the perspective of queueing theory. The Gilbert-Elliot burst-noise channel is employed as an a priori channel model, where a two-state Markov-modulated Bernoulli process (MMBP2) is used. For a posteriori information, the channel parameters, the queue-length and the initial channel state are assumed to be given. The numerical derivation is verified and analyzed via Monte Carlo simulations. This numerical derivation is then applied to a rate control scheme for real-time video transmission, where an optimal encoding rate is determined based on the future channel capacity and the distortion of the reconstructed pictures.

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