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논문 상세정보

한국과 미국 고등학교 생물교과서의 비유 분석

An Analysis of Analogies in Korean and American High School Biology Textbooks

교과교육학연구 v.13 no.2 , 2009년, pp.257 - 277   http://dx.doi.org/10.24231/rici.2009.13.2.257
황신영, 김연정, 허명

Analogies in biology education are often used as a tool to conceptualize abstract science concepts. This research examined the analogies presented in eight different Korean textbooks taken from the Seventh Biology Curriculum and two American biology textbooks. Firstly, this study collected and classified analogies in the textbooks according to the following criteria:regions, chapters and publishers. The analogies were analyzed according to their common characteristics, ways of expression, degrees of abstraction, and the equivalence and role in the context. Secondly, based on the result of the analysis, the current study focused on the differences in the analogies between Korean and American biology textbooks.In terms of the frequency of the analogies by type in both Korean and American textbooks, structural, verbal, concrete-to-concrete, simple match and short-term memory types showed high frequencies. On the other hand, the American textbooks presented a higher level of frequency in the structural/functional, enriched/extended, and multiple memory analogies thanthe Korean textbooks. Also, motivational analogies were often found at the beginning of a chapter in the American textbooks.In the Korean textbooks, there were many repeated and overlapping analogies presented by various publishers; thus, the analogies were easily recognizable for the students. In order to use analogies effectively in the class, it is essential to construct and present elaborate and variousanalogies in textbooks.

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