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논문 상세정보

국회의원 활동기록의 특성과 관리방향

The Characteristics and Maintenance of Assemblypersons' Activity Records

기록학연구 no.21 , 2009년, pp.117 - 167  
한은정, 임진희

Assemblypersons' activities have organizational and individual nature. The activities of assemblypersons and their assistant staffs become a motive for major work performance of Korean legislature, and are also critical public services affecting contemporary political history, history of political parties and history of assemblyperson's hometown. Moreover, their activities are also characterized by work performance in favor of assemblyperson's personal interests to effectively communicate his or her achievements during term of office to electors with a view to winning reelection after the end of 4-year term of office. Assemblyperson's organization produces various types of record in the performance of these works. From the viewpoint of public archive as a product of assemblypersons' public service performance and from their own personal viewpoints, they can create their own identity by arranging their personal records that can demonstrate their own political philosophy, policy orientation, achievements during term of office, and personal features. In addition, their personal records can have much more values and significance in the sense that those records are available to electors to make it possible to highlight their own images in objective and reliable manner.Conclusively, this study underlined that the efforts for assemblypersons and their assistant staffs to keep their records well could be helpful to streamline their internal works and be also helpful for personal interests of assemblypersons. And this study proposed procedures and methods for deducing and screening a list of production archives to meet a viewpoint of streamlined internal works and needs for keeping personal records, ultimately with a view to giving practical helps for these works.

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