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논문 상세정보

강화문화원과 남동문화원의 문화사업 내용분석

An Analyse on the Cultural Enterprise of the Community Center in Ganghwa and Namdong

인문콘텐츠 no.15 , 2009년, pp.175 - 200  
김영순, 오세경

In this paper we concern the program management of local culture center. This study finds problems managing culture programs, and gives proposals for improvement exploring the present condition of two local culture centers, i.e. Ganghwa culture centers and Namdong culture centers. The reason is that two centers were located in the area in which reflected the proper local characters. Ganghwa-Gun has a lot of intangible cultural treasure and the better natural environment. On the contrary, Namdong-Gu is the urbanization district and then undergoes the disorganizations caused rapidly change from tradition society to modern city. This study analyses the cultural environment of two local areas, and checks up managing status of local culture programme. In addition, this study uses a interview survey to the program managers in order to derive an idea for the reformation. The results of this study are as follows: 1) Local culture centers endeavor the development of local culture contents, 2) Centers prepare to the sustained local culture education, 3) Centers have to establish the local identity, and 4) Centers have to secure finance for the program management.

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