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논문 상세정보

대학의 음악 산업 프로그램 중 음악경영과 음향제작 전공 교과과정 개발

A Curriculum Proposal of Colleges for Music Industry Program - Music Business and Music Technology

음악교육공학 no.9 , 2009년, pp.115 - 131  

The purpose of this study is to research and analyze existing music industry programs, thereby aiding in the creation of a new program to meet the needs of today's music industry, students, and traditional music school.The standards and guidelines established by NASM, the curricular analysis of five leading music industry programs were considered to design new program. With this data, 'Bachelor of Music' degree format was outlined. The design process began with an identification of the main career paths of the music industry. In this research, two of Music Business and Music Technology of Music Business, Music Technology, Commercial Composition, and Commercial Performance were selected. Based on the degree format and emphasis area, General Education Courses, General Music Courses, Music Industry Courses, and Major or Emphasis Area Courses were statistically delineated.The importance of non-curricular program components such as internship, project, entrepreneurship, etc. were considered to build the necessary bridges between the vital foundation of traditional music training and demands of what today's music industry, schools, and students are calling for.This new design is intended to function as a guideline or model for the creation of other music industry programs. For the future study, it is needed to identify the potential student types and then established a wide variety of different degree formats to help meet the various students' educational needs.

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