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논문 상세정보

미국 대학의 기금조성을 위한 공중관계(Public Relations) 커뮤니케이션 전략 연구

An Exploration of PR Communication Strategies for University Fundraising in the United States

커뮤니케이션학 연구 v.17 no.3 , 2009년, pp.85 - 110  

Public relations is the planned and sustained effort to establish and manage mutual relations between an organization and its publics. Public relations efforts must ensure that not only does the organization understand its publics, the publics must equally understand the organization. Thus, the purpose of the communication programs in PR must be to build stable, open and trusting “relationships” with strategic constituencies. From this public relational perspective this study is to search for the framework of communication strategies for university fundraising. Fundraising is an ongoing activity for today’s universities and colleges, which includes securing gifts and funds from a variety of sources, conducting research, devising creative strategies for communication with donors, and fulfilling donor’s expectation. But, what is the most effective way to communicate with key publics in university fundraising? By exploring the fundraising PR communication practices from top 20 American universities by amount raised in 2008, this study attempts to answer the question with three specific inquiries, ① PR campaign structure and its operational system for university fundraising, ② communication strategies for university fundraising PR, ③ relational management model for university donor relations.

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