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논문 상세정보

성 평등한 가족문화로의 전환: 가족경영협약농가를 중심으로

The Change of Gender Equality Culture within Family : A Focus on the Family Agreements on Farm Management

가족과 문화 v.21 no.3 , 2009년, pp.29 - 55   http://dx.doi.org/10.21478/family.21.3.200909.002

The purpose of this study is to find out how the family agreements on Farm management affected the 22 farmer couples who had signed up for the agreement in the area of gender equality within family culture. In order to see the impact of the agreement on family culture, the analysis on the workbook of the agreement and in-depth interviews were conducted. The following is the result of this study. The requirements that the couples wanted to ensure were about family-related matters such as sharing chores and daily lives, and those matters were taken shape in the regulations of the agreement through discussion and consent. After the agreement, the couples are more likely to discuss farm work and chores together than before. The agreement gave the couples an opportunity to remedy paternalism and make gender equality in family culture by increasing the extent to which husbands take part in chores and respect their wives' opinions. From the agreement, the farm households received either compensation of cash, installment savings under wife's name, and pension enrollment for woman's work in economic value, or land or house registration in the purpose of boosting confidence and vitality. In conclusion, it is shown that the family agreements on Farm management not only increased responsibilities and self-esteem followed by women' participation in farming but also contributed to improving productivity. With this result, Family agreements on Farm management should be expanded, and I suggest that achieving budget for the active promotion and encouraging gender sensitive agricultural polices be sought continuously.

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