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논문 상세정보

스페인 중세문학에 나타난 윤리논쟁 연구

A study of the moral debate found in the Spanish medieval literature

스페인어문학 no.52 , 2009년, pp.159 - 176  

The moral debate means a genre of allegorical literature popular inSpain during the medieval period. Usually, an allegorical debateconsists in a dialogue or discussion between two or morepersonifications like Alma vs. Cuerpo, Amor Espiritual vs. AmorSensual, Don Carnal vs. Doña Cuaresma, etc. Considering its broadapplication entitled by various terms like Debate, Disputa, Razón,Proçesso, Deçir, Batalla, etc., I believe that the moral debate has tobe classified as one of the most intellectual literary genres, by whichmany Spanish writers attempted to express their own moral andpolitical philosophy. The moral debate written in the Old Spanishappeared in the 12th centuries, and continued to be used by theSpanish medieval intellectual until the16th century. And, this literarygenre used to be composed to give a moral or religious lesson. Myresearch was focused on the detailed examination of each piece of themoral debate itself based on the manuscript evidence and secondaryliterature on the18 texts collected: Discurso contras los judíos(12thC), Disputa entre un cristiano y un judío(1220),Libro del gentil ylos tres sabios(13th C),Disputa del alma y el cuerpo(12-13th C)Razón de amor con los denuestos del agua y el vino(13th C),Debate entre don Carnal y doña Cuaresma(1330), Elena y María(13thC),Disputa del cuerpo e del ánima(1382), Disputa entre la Razón yla Pasión(15th C), El sueño(15th C), Batalla de amores(15th C),Proçesso entre la Soberbia y la Mesura(1408), Batalla deamores(15thC), Pregunta(15thC), Requesta de los tres colores(15thC),Proçeso que ovieron en uno la Dolençia e la Vejez e elDestierro e la Pobreza(15thC), etc.

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