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논문 상세정보

고전소설 속 애정 서사의 스토리텔링 방안

Study of Love and Sexuality Narrative's Storytelling in Korean Classic Novel

어문론집 v.42 , 2009년, pp.237 - 274  

This article focused on framing a scheme to figure out contents. It was attempted to present a concrete direction for the cultural contents suffering from shortage of subject matter, by providing a scheme in which the classical literary works using love as a motif are recreated in the form that fits to the characteristics of media. As for the modern cultural contents industry, especially in the case of drama contents which make great impact on the sentiment general public, a lot of people point out that it has been a long time since the description of love between man and woman reached the limits. Coming into the age where the society is dominate by the digital, the culture possessed by generalpublic began to seek the diversity and the consuming style as to cultural industries has been changed a lot. It is required to explore classical novels seriously and consider the value as original descriptions, so that contents equivalent to the change in public may be produced. There are many works among our classical novel, which used to help realize the life of people of those days and show the love story of the people. Love in the modern society is limited to the problem between individual, but during the Joseon Dynasty, when the classical novels were created, there were diverse methods and situation in love. Though love is a problem between man and woman, it raised conflicts in the mutual relationship with the society, and show differen aspects according to the description style in those days. This article, beginning with this problem consciousness, focused on presenting the scheme of cultural contents development, which has been the basis of our identity and sentiment. Accordingly, it was attempted to look into how the love stories in classical novels should be reorganized when the storytelling is carried out in accordance with the characteristics of drama, movie, musical, animation and games, which are public media works. The multi-media environment caused by the development of digital technology needs diverse contents. Nevertheless, the development of digital media brings a crisis to the traditional humanism. So, the use of classical novels as content description may be the solution to the two premises, and the scheme to inherit the value of classical literature in the modern form.

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