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논문 상세정보

한국 서해산 꽃게 유생 및 치해의 생존율 및 성장

Survival rate and growth of larvae and early juveniles in the swimming crab, Portunus trituberculatus (Miers) reared in the laboratory

수산해양기술연구 v.45 no.4 , 2009년, pp.251 - 259  
마채우, 손대선, 박원규

Swimming crabs, Portunus trituberculatus(Miers) are commercially important off the coasts of Korea, Japan and China. Harvest of swimming crabs has been fluctuated along their distribution ranges. Fluctuations in the interannual harvest of swimming crabs may be correlated with the survival rate during the larval period. The survival rates, intermolt periods, and growth of larval swimming crabs were investigated in the laboratory. Larval swimming crabs are released and undergo development from April to August off the western coast of Korea in the Yellow Sea. Sea surface temperatures off the western coast of Korea during the larval season were used for the laboratory experiments, and ranged from 22 to 26°C. Larvae were individually cultured at four different temperatures, 22°C, 24°C, 26°C, and 28°C. Zoea molted to megalopa at all temperatures and developed to the first crab stage at 24°C, 26°C, and 28°C. Survival rates from zoea I to the first crab stage increased with increasing temperatures. Intermolt period and the growth rate of the mean carapace length were inversely correlated with temperature. Our research helps understand the changes in survival rate and growth of larval swimming crabs resulting from changing oceanic temperatures. Further, our study suggests that the fluctuations in fishery harvest of swimming crabs off the coast of Korea may be related to changes in larval survival affected by changing ocean conditions.

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