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논문 상세정보

서도소리의 특징적 시김새에 관한 연구-민요와 좌창을 중심으로

Identifying musical characteristics of Northern area of Korea(Seo-do):focusing on Sigimsae in Minyo and Juachang

한국음악연구 v.46 , 2009년, pp.135 - 160  

This article focuses on characteristics of vocal music in Northern area of Korea. Not like other regions, vocal music in this area is known to have dramatic expressions. It is said that the impact of Sigimsae makes music in Seodo area remarkable. To investigate characteristics of vocal music in Northern area, various music pieces such as Monggumpo Taryung, SsarumTaryung, Baechigi, and Chohanga were compared and analyzed.The findings of this article are:1. Various ways to express vibrating tonesUniqueness of Seodo music is mainly determined by two types of embellishing sounds, general Yosung and Jolummok. General Yosung is expressed by combing two types of vibrating tones. It begins with steady interval and the interval of vibration gradually increases. Jolummok is determined by vibrating voice with great intensity with increased tension. It occurs right before the new lyrics begins or when a beat is extended.2. Chusung(the tone is made by raising 1-3 below interval)The note often begins with the note lowered major/minor 3rd. Then, it is gracefully lifted up by being raised by major/minor 3rd. It is often found in the first beat of Jand-dan, or high pitch. It emphasizes the natural flow of music piece, but add density to music.3. Toisung(the tone is faded by lowering a half note slightly)When the note is move to another lower note, the voice naturally slide down to the next note. Toisung is appeared when the tone is move to lower notes. It is called Ban-Eum which means lowering.4. Drastic expressionIt is often found that the melody of Seodo Minyo moves by lowering or raising major 5th. Each movement is even delicate when it moves to the lower note. A note moves downward by lowering interval 3rd or 4th and then moves to 2nd lower tone.

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