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논문 상세정보

갈암 이현일과 우담 정시한의 율곡 사칠론 비판 : 그 접점과 간극

Galam Lee Hyoen Il and Wudam Jung Si Han's Critique on Yulgok Yi Yi's Four Beginnings and the Seven Emotions - Focus on the Meeting Point and Divergence

율곡학연구 v.19 , 2009년, pp.117 - 169  

This paper aims to reflect the representative of Toegye school in the 17th century, so to speak Galam Lee Hyoen Il and Wudam Jung Si Han's Critique on Yulgok Yi Yi. Specially I am interested in their Four Beginnings and the Seven Emotions method of explanation, philosophical thought and political activity by means of the concept of meeting point and divergence. Here the meeting point means the common characteristics which Galam and Wudam try to contemplate in order to accept and develop Toegye school in contrary to Yulgok school. And the divergence is the investigation about their distinct attitude in spite of common tendency of philosophical thought and political praxis in Toegye school looking for the turning point of life during the crisis of Chosun. In sum up this paper deals with their endless endeavor for finding the essence of confucianism and also the aspects of self maturity for becoming the true human being and the true confucianist accepting the identity of life by means of pursuing their life style via these meeting point and divergence.

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