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논문 상세정보

三希堂寶 墨跡原本과 刻帖本의 相異點 考察 - 王羲之의 <快雪時晴帖>을 중심으로

중국인문과학 no.43 , 2009년, pp.451 - 476  

Ch'ien-lung Emperor, the sixth Emperor of Qing dynasty is a successful sovereign who brought affluence and stability to his people during his reign. Furthermore, he is renowned for his zest for life and art. His special love for paintings and calligraphies made him widely collect ancient and contemporary works in those fields. Moreover, he catalogued the works and distributed Beobcheob (法帖: A collection of the calligraphic methods). The Three Treasures Beobcheob (三希堂石渠寶笈法帖), amassing all the great works of history, boasts its all-encompassing coverage and highly refined production to work as a great influence on the calligraphy of the Qing period. In The Three Treasures Beobcheob, there engraved the originals of the so-called Three Treasures - Wang Hsi-chih's "Timely Clearing After Snowfall", Wang Hsien-Chih's "Mid-Autumn (中秋帖)," Wang Hsün's "Po-yüan (伯遠帖)." Among these cheob engravings, this study compares the engraving of "Timely Clearing After Snowfall" and the original and finds that there is a mismatch in the aspect of 'jache (字體, the structure of the character)' from the prologue of Ch'ien-lung Emperor.This paper tries to show that this mismatch is explained if we suppose that some character is removed from the original "Timely Clearing after Snowfall" and there are more pla Snoexplained with this hypothesis. Furthermore, these tracined wrevision appear also in Su Shih's "The Cold Food Observance." The paper tries to argue that these traces are due to the fact that Ch'ien-lung Emperor retouched his own prologue by himself.

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