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논문 상세정보

수석교사제 시범운영의 실태분석과 대안 탐색 : 요구조사를 중심으로

Analysis of Alternatives for Improvement of a Head Teacher System Model : Focused on Needs of Teacher, Parent and Student

한국교원교육연구 v.26 no.4 , 2009년, pp.223 - 244   http://dx.doi.org/10.24211/tjkte.2009.26.4.223
전제상, 박영숙

The purpose of this study aims to seek alternative exploring of improvement for the Model Operation of Head Teachers System since March 2008. The creation of head teacher position has been a topic of national debate in Korea since 1981. Based on literature review, a survey questionnaire of 3 category were developed for distribution to subjects. 2,072 survey sheets were distributed to the school for Model Operation of Head Teachers, 1,543 (74.5%)of which were received and treated for frequency and cross-tab analysis using SPSSWIN ver 15.0. It was also shared among those teachers that a new personnel system should be developed which would promote teachers to develop leadership in the teaching implementation through legislation of head teacher system. The role of head teachers is expected to lead systematization of learning in school by enhancing subject matter speciality through support for class teaching and management along with outside of school subject matter support activities. As for proper treatment for head teachers, it was perceived that they should not be assigned to the duties of department head or homeroom while 20% loosening of class load is not sufficient enough. It was suggested that exemption from teaching to equal that of vice-principal should be taken into consideration. Monthly research fund of 150 thousand won is perceived to be appropriate though it is not enough compared to that of vice-principal. A fair degree of conflicts is expected to arise due to overlapping roles of vice-president and head teacher. Also, based on the findings, a few recommendations were made to improve the head teacher system.

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