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논문 상세정보

경찰 법집행의 공공성 변화에 관한 검토

A review on the change of publicity in the police law-enforcement

한국공공관리학보 v.23 no.4 , 2009년, pp.43 - 64   http://dx.doi.org/10.24210/kapm.2009.23.4.003

Kim, Won JungThe police is defined in keeping public safety and social order-keeping. It is the ground of the enforcement of the police force. The publicity of modern police administration succeeds the tradition of continental law, so it has been limited on the inactive purpose of the past. Then, with the increase in well-fare administration and the introduction of American police system, Korean police administration faces a difficult situation in which it has not been able to achieve the purpose of the police with the past idle aim. The well-fare administration and the rise in demands of policing made the police force be faced with its limitive point. In fact, it is impossible that the police force should have legal grounds as an authoritative operation and its enforcements should be based on the legislation. Thus, the foundation of the police force is the public safety of public well-fare and order-keeping. It could take place when the publicity is infringed, but there are disagreed opinions about the definition of 'Publicity'. Particularly, the hottest issue is the category of 'Publicity' and whether public well-fare and order-keeping should be distinguished strictly. Modern administrative jurists tend to separate public safety from order-keeping, whereas the executive office of police law are not. Furthermore, the Supreme Court dose not define those by making distinction. Enforcing of direct police force could be not easy when public safety and order-keeping are clearly divided each other in the situation where it is necessary to extend police administration and to cope with increased demands for policing. Therefore, making distinction the two things is ineffective, because it is very tough to separate written legislations from conventional ones. Also, confining the category of 'Publicity' on personal legal advantages and ones of the national community couldn't be accorded with policing demands, thus only the extension in the category of 'Publicity' is able to do with democracy and local autonomy that are needed on the constitution.

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