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논문 상세정보

임금근로 장애인의 근속기간에 영향을 미치는 요인 분석

Analysis of affecting elements to job retention of the disabled getting labor wages

한국장애인복지학 no.11 , 2009년, pp.243 - 276  

This study purposes to find affecting elements to working period of the disabled who gains labor wages. To accomplish it, this study conducted t-test, F test, correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis by dividing variables of population sociology, disabled, vocational capacity, employment environment. Resources of analysis come from raw data of panel survey for the disabled's employment conducted by Institution of Employment Development for Promoting Employment of the Disabled in 2008. The results of analysis are as follows. First, variables such as sex, age, house income affect working period of the disabled. It is similar conclusion to previous study. However, unlike previous study, this study shows that marriage status does not affect meaningfully. Second, variables related to disability such types of the disability, degree of the disability do not affect significantly working period and variables related to vocational capacity affects negatively working period. It is different conclusion to usual expectation. Third, holding certification in variable of vocational ability affects negatively working period. It is unexpected conclusion. According to analysis of employment types, working period of the disabled who works in labor, service/marketing is shorter than who works in professional and administration. Fourth, size of business in variable of employment environment affects positively working period. In a variable of job satisfaction, satisfaction to working contents affects meaningfully working period. Accordingly, Strategy against leaving job and for keeping employment of the disabled should be established for companies, professionalization with development and diversification of jobs for the disabled is necessary. Furthermore, a lot of efforts are required for the disabled to advance the school degree and to get more professional education. Especially, the paradigm shift of job education by transforming various and professional programs of job education is necessary for corresponding to social demand of highly educated disabled.

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