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논문 상세정보

지눌의 이통현 화엄사상 수용과 변용 -원돈성불론을 중심으로

Jinul's Understanding of Litongxuan's Huayan Thought in the Wŏndonsŏngbullon

보조사상 v.33 , 2010년, pp.151 - 188  

This article purports to analyze the characteristics of Jinul [知訥]'s adoption of Litongxuan [李通玄]'s Huayan Thought mainly in the Wŏndonsŏngbullon [圓頓成佛論]. Generally, Jinul's concern is divided into two, one being the search for the agreement with the teachings of Sŏn [禪] and the other being the search for the method of ordinary persons' entering faith. The Wŏndonsŏngbullon also shows such a concern, which could be ascertained in the comparison of Jinul's interpretation of Balsim [Faxin 發心], Sibsin [Shixin 十信], Sibju [Shizhu 十住], and Bogwangmyŏngji [普光明智] with Litongxuan's.Jinul adopts Litongxuan's Huayan thought, developing his own distinctive terms frequently. In addition, while Litongxuan emphasizes Shixin and Shizhu simultaneously, Jinul only emphasizes Sibsin [Shixin]. Such discrepancies are resulted from Jinul's adoption of some thoughts from Zongmi [宗密] and Tiantai [天台]. Thus we can understand Jinul's maintaining independent attitude of interpretation in spite of being influenced greatly by Litongxuan.According to Litongxuan, the Fuguowei [佛果位] cannot be achieved until the stage of Shizhuwei [十住位]. Nevertheless, Jinul introduces Litongxuan's explanation on the stage of Shizhu [十住] into the stage of Shixin [十信]. In addition, while Litongxuan limits the capacity for the Avatamsaka sutra into the Ekayana [一乘], Jinul opens it into every sentient being on the earth. For Jinul, the reality of Korean Buddhism at his time seems to have been pressing. Bogwangmyŏngjŏn [普光明殿] is our real world. Unlike Litongxuan, Jinul likes to refer to Bogwangmyŏngjŏn more than Budongji [不動地] from his concern for the real sentient beings near him.From now on, Jinul's attitude in citing Litongxuan's works throughout his oeuvre need to be analyzed more thoroughly. Besides, more advanced understanding of Jinul requires more profound research into the Koryŏ dynasty's Huayan studies in his time.

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