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논문 상세정보

복음증거를 위한 선교적 접촉점으로서 꾸란의 “이싸”와 성경의 “예수” 비교 연구

A Comparative Study on “Isa” in Quran and “Jesus” in the Bible as A Means for Christian Witness

복음과 선교 v.11 no.1 , 2009년, pp.1 - 28  

There are similar and distinctive characters between “Isa” inQuran and “Jesus” in the Bible. These similarities and differencesshould be the significant missiological contact point for acommunication. The reason why these characters must beconcerned seriously is the essence of christianity. Christianity hasno meaning without Jesus Christ, the son of God who crucified onthe cross for a redemption from an eternal death according to sins.Muslims including Ahmed Deedat deny the sonship of Jesus Christand His redemptive story based on the Gospel of Barnabasaccording to many verses in Quran. And Ahmed Deedat saidchristian made “Cruci- Fiction” rather than “crucifixtion”intendedly for the purpose to lie since christian has lack of moralityand social responsibility to win against muslims in a society. Butwe see the many proofs those which are written histories by Romanhistorians, Tacitus and Josephus as well as Talmud by Jew. Tacitusreported Jesus' death on the Cross in his book, Anales and Josephusdealt His real story on the Cross in his writing, Der Judische Krieg.27And we can realize how Quran spoiled the reality of Jesus'mother, Mary from Miriam when we compare the genealogicaltable between Quran and Bible. According to Quran Mary is thesame woman as Miriam, the sister of Aron and Moses. And onlyQuran emphasizing the birth of Jesus and His mother, Mary withoutsins. And most muslims believe that Jesus is just one of prophet,and they never study that in Quran because most of them can notread and it is not allowed to study usually. This is real happening.But we need to use this kinds of fact for the communication.Muslim insist that muslim and christian believe same Godbecause they don't have much interesting about the contents inQuran. Therefore we need to get in touch without arguing thecontents in Quran and Bible for the first time even though thereare so crucial issues in God's love. Christian missionary must beflexible in each context with God's love because Jesus revealHimself in supernatural ways. We see the many reports manymuslims converted by the way Jesus revealing Himself as well asby a personal evangelism. Christian missionary must catch theproper moment to share the gospel let them have an interesting whois real Jesus. And this chance will come true having a lovingfellowship in God's love each other. For an effectivecommunication missionary should know first what is teaching about“Isa” in Quran as a bridge to Jesus in the Bible on the solid biblicalteaching who is Jesus Christ. We can see the open window to provereal Jesus Christ in Quran as like Sura 19:33. There are hiddentreasure to provoke Jesus' incarnation clearly in Sura 19:33. Manymuslims don't like to refer to Sura 19:33 because it seems to bethe christian confession. Indeed we need to contact with muslims28from a content of Quran, “Isa” for “Jesus” longing for the workof His spirit among muslims having a clear distinctive knowledgebetween Quran and the Bible.

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