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논문 상세정보

노인의 자가인지적 건강상태와 레저스포츠종목 참여유형에 따른 참여욕구만족 및 참여제약요인의 차이

Differences in Senior Citizen' Need Fulfillment and Barrier Factors according to Sport Category and Health Condition on Self-Recognition

Journal of exercise rehabilitation v.6 no.1 , 2010년, pp.43 - 53  
김동욱, 김일광

The purpose of this study was to identify the differences in senior citizens' participation need fulfillment and barrier factors according to their sport category and health on self-evaluation. In order to achieve this purpose, the convenience sampling method was employed to select 230 sport participants at 12 Seoul located Welfare Centers for the Elderly. Out of the 28, responded, but excluding those with double or no answers, a total of 202(93%) questionnaires were analyzed. Questionnaiers having Cronbach's alpha values from totally .625 to .862 were used to collect data which were later processed using SPSS 16.0 ver. Data analysis consisted of descriptive statistical analysis, validity as well as independent t-test, and the following results were obtained: First, Senior citizens' participation need fulfillment and barrier factors significantly and statistically differed with respect to self-recognition health condition and their participating sport category. Refreshing themselves and tonic differ statistically and significantly with respect to positive recognition group on health condition. Also, negative recognition group on their health condition differed to athletics parter significantly in barrier's factor. Second, interpersonal sports' participant differ statistically with respect to personal relationship, refreshing themselves, conficence, and tonic of fulfillment. And, interpersonal sport participant differed with exercise partner and health problem.

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