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논문 상세정보

미국 운동재활 레크리에이션 시설의 프로그램 분석

The Analysis of Program on Exercise Rehabilitation Recreation Facility in America

Journal of exercise rehabilitation v.6 no.1 , 2010년, pp.65 - 74  
김현나, 최미리, 강영석

The purpose of this study analysed the programs of 8 exercise rehabilitation recreation (ER) facilities in Chicago, Il, U.S. there are 1 franchising education center, 3 hospitals, 1 mental health center and 3 special recreation associations and find the adaptative policy in Korean society. The method of this study was visiting the site for a week and observed the facility and programs and interviewed the interested parties deeply. As this procedure, I got the results like this. First, the ER program would be planned the diverse recreation program by organized procedure and manual corresponding with the need of client and object considered the physical, active, social, emotional, cognitive aspects. Second, the ER program for family and other professionals not even participants applied for rehabilitating their physical and psychological health. Third, ER professionals applied systematical procedure in each process, and they tried to verify the evidence of program. Forth, the community rehabilitation center operating with government tax, fund and participants' share, they managed the diverse program for the disabled old adults accord with participants preference through several assesment and evaluation tools for enhancing motivation. Firth, the inclusive ER both the disabled and healthy people need to be planed for returning to community ultimately.

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