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논문 상세정보

조선시대 공론 연구 - 여론 유사용어와 관점, 유형과 형성주체, 그 용례를 중심으로

Chosun Dynasty's Public Opinion : Similar Concepts, Perspectives, Creating Classes, Examples

지역과 커뮤니케이션 v.14 no.1 , 2010년, pp.41 - 74  

In western history, the concept of public opinion had taken its modern form since the eve of the Great French Revolution. Before the west, oriental countries such as Korea and China had used various similar concepts of public opinion including public will, grassroots opinion, common opinion, people's will, public sentiment. Especially, coming into Chosun Dynasty, the similar concepts appeared on the annals of the Chosun Dynasty and the daily records of royal secretariat of Chosun Dynasty, the cases of 21,350 (41/year) and 45,795 (88/year) respectively. Among them, "gongron"(popular opinion) and "gongui" (public will) can be classified into the similar concepts of public opinion; "minshim" (public sentiment), "minjung" (seeing people's condition), "mooljung" (the ways of the world), "minui" (people's will) into grassroots opinion; the rest into common opinion. The types of public opinion varied in terms of class who initiated, the duration, the extent of it. In conclusion, with various and broad communications, Chosun is believed to have a will of pursuing a governance by public opinion, the essence of Confucianism. The dynasty, in practice, tried to realize a political process based on public opinion.

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