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논문 상세정보

21C에 나타난 디자인영역과 디지털정보기술의 융합현상에 관한 고찰

A Study on the Phenomenon of the Convergence between Design Area and Digital Information Technology in 21st Century

한국디자인문화학회지 v.16 no.1 , 2010년, pp.222 - 229  
엄경희, 이준승

Contemporary design which has shown its constant development has been progressed into the stage of planning and performing the whole areas of everyday human lives. Closely related to our lifestyle, the field of design is interacting with human live and can be classified into three parts: visual communication area, product communication area, and environment communication area.Recently, with the development of digital information technology which can inter-process all forms of data available, the new kind of fusion is emerging interconnected with the techniques of design field, prompting the need for its development to keep up with the trend as the demand of the users are growing rapidly.The integration of design and digital information technology is inevitable in that it reflects the demand of users and their lifestyle, and based on the digital technology which fulfills the functionality necessary for human lives, it communicates with people intermingling with different sectors of design and the range of this integration plans throughout the overall areas of our life.This research aims to study a wider variety of fusion technology phenomena by analyzing the integration between design and digital technology to provide it as a general source.It was done by analyzing thesis, article of journal, research essay and books, D/B on site of Research Information Sharing Service.The research studies into the characteristics of integration of technology cases by dividing it into visual communication area, product communication area, and environment communication area.

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