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논문 상세정보

한국어교육에서 비교문학을 활용한 현대시 교육 연구

A Study on Korean Poetry Teaching through the Comparative Literature Approach in Korean Language education

국어교육 no.131 , 2010년, pp.551 - 588  
오지혜, 윤여탁

This study proposes the contents of Korean poetry teaching and an teaching method in the comparative literature approach in order to improve learners’ Korean language competence in Korean language education. In the area of foreign language education, literature education has been discussed dividedly in the aspects of language education, culture education, and literature education, and recently it is dealt with in interdisciplinary approaches. In literature education, learning literary works in connection to their socio-cultural contexts such as history, politics and psychology, and through this, learners can understand not only literary works themselves but also the target culture and the world. And it is based on the view that literature is life or culture as well as an art.Contemporary comparative literature emphasizes common and different points between two or more countries’ literature, literature within the home country, and literature and its adjacent art areas. Comparative literature as a methodology of literary research can be take into account as one of teaching methods in Korean language education. In Korean poetry education through the comparative literature approach, learners understand literary works as Korean culture in a general or special context in the world. And also they learn universal sentiment throughout the world and the peculiarity of their own and Korean culture through comparison with their home country’s literary works and their socio-cultural contexts. That is, the learners feel the joy of literature through the universality of world literature, expand their perception of other cultures and world culture through the peculiarity of Korean literature, and furthermore, establish cultural identity.

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